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A Waterfront RestaurantIn Coconut Grove

Welcome to Bayshore Club - built on the historic site known as Dinner Key and part of Miami's oldest neighborhood, Coconut Grove. Originally an island and later connected to the mainland in 1914, Dinner Key received its name for being a beautiful picnic stop while traveling by boat along the coastal waters of the city.

In 1918 it became the site of the first continental naval air station in the United States until the end of WWI. Through the 1930's and 40's, Dinner Key served as a base for Pan American World Airway's flying boats, the Sikorsky S41 and S42 (commonly known as Clipper planes). The planes were once housed in the newly restored hangers at Bayshore Club and the original Art Deco airport terminal is now the site Miami City Hall located to the southeast side of the restaurant.

Bayshore Club is inspired by this golden age of flight and we hope you feel the same thrill-seeking excitement of those travelers of yesteryears as you enjoy your pre-flight meal and settle into a vacation state-of-mind.

Stumble upon the nostalgia of views once taken in by travel-goers enjoying a pre-flight meal and drink, while anticipating the thrill-seeking excitement of their adventure ahead. Inspired by the free-feeling love of travel, Bayshore Club Miami realizes vacation as a state of-mind, where guests will be swept away by unassumingly delicious food, a bar list to please any aficionado and an atmosphere that creates escape–even if only momentarily.